Outside view of the Hotel Gran Mugon in Fassa Valley Closeup of a black / white butterfly on a flower The Hotel Gran Mugon surrounded by woods on a hill in Vigo di Fassa The terrace of the Hotel Gran Mugon with benches and flowers
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Gran Mugon: an eco hotel in Trentino with a love for nature

The eco hotel in Vigo di Fassa Gran Mugon is a magical place where love and respect for nature of Val di Fassa have become a philosophy of life.

Our hotel is surrounded by meadows, mountains and forests and it is not rare to see roe deer, deer and squirrels and sometimes even badgers and foxes prowling around.
It is for this reason we decided to be as environmentally friendly as possible with the idea of providing products and services that have a minimal impact on the environment. We have solar panels for hot water, photovoltaic panels for electricity and almost all our equipment and light bulbs are energy saving. When choosing suppliers we favour ECOLABEL products, and local or home-grown products and we urge our guests to use alternative methods.

New in 2017: e-car charging station

To reinforce our engagement, out of love and respect for the environment, we have decided to give our guests the possibility to charge their own e-car directly at the Hotel, thanks to a new charging station.

This and much more is the essence of our eco hotel in Trentino.

Many small steps to respect and protect the marvellous NATURE that surrounds us.